Full Production:

We can help you build your song from scratch. Our DAW of Choice is Cubase Pro 8 but we also work with Logic and Pro Tools. This can include programming drum parts, help put chords behind a melody, working with you to come up with parts. Either we can record and play all the parts in house or if you need specific live parts, we can recommend excellent, professional players. As far as sounds we have the Native Instruments Komplete 10 collection which includes Massive, Absynth, FM8, Reaktor, Abbey Road drums, Studio drummer, Vintage Organ as well as several amazing grand pianos, Rhodes, clavinet, and orchestral samples.  We also have Sonivox Brass companion, Playa 64 and DVIstratocaster. For dance music we have  reFX Nexus ,Tone2 Nemesis and ElectraX. FabFilter one and FabFilter twin as well as a full suite of Steinberg synths like Padshop, Retrologue and Halion Sonic.

 Remote Recording:

We can now come to you! Anywhere within the Tampa Bay area.  We can record you in the comfort of your own rehearsal space. We can come to your gig and get a high quality live multitrack recording . We'll mic or take a line from each amp. Put our mics on the drums and take a direct feed from the vocal mics. Up to 24 inputs. If you have a performance or event video taped we can line up our recording with the video and supply you with a much better audio than you would typically get from the mics on the video cameras.


Radio Ready quality. Using a combination of tools and and by critical listening and comparison to reference tracks we achieve the desired volume and clarity so that your track will fit right in with a playlist of whatever genre it is.

Custom Karaoke -

We can create custom instrumental tracks of most songs. We can make it sound like the original or we can make it fit your needs. Perhaps a different key, a bit slower, an extra chorus at the end? Tell us what you want.  We also have a library of songs that are readily available with an emphasis on Gospel and Contemporary Christian 

Drum Replacement

Getting great live drum sounds can be tough and now you don't have to settle. We can replace your drum sounds with our high end drum samples. as long as you have reasonable separation between your drum tracks. The best of both worlds…the  feel of a live player and the crisp clean sounds that you want

Voice-over .

Anything where spoken word is required, either on it's own or with music under it. Examples include radio commercials, audition clips, meditation tapes or a DJ introducing tracks on a mixtape.

Musical assistance available

Those of us here at Earthtone have alot of experience and know lots of top-notch players so whether you need a guitarist, a sax player or a backup vocalist to make that track shine or just need help coming up with harmony parts, we're here to assist.



If you have a song that your in the process of recording or even if its completed and you need some live keys or organ over the top of it to bring another dimension , we can accommodate most styles

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