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Michael S.

John, I downloaded the files. Thank you for that last, extra step and for all your hard work. I am very happy with the final product and want to express how important this was to me; I worked for a long time on the song and to improve the instrumental but you were the one who finally made it possible for me to realize my goal. I can't promise I won't be back for help on this song again, and it's possible I'll seek you out for another, similar project in the future. I hope you'll be open to the possibility. Until then, thanks again!

Helena W.

Awesome place to record! Super professional with great equipment and studio. John was brilliant! Thanks for the great recording session 

Christina G.


Good news! I just received a call from Brian, the Manager of Mastering for all Diskmakers projects. He said there was no need for him to do additional mastering on my new album! He said its perfectly mastered the way it is. He said its a very nice project compared to others! He said the mixes were fine, the EQ levels were fine as well as the flow levels to each song! He said he usually skims over everything, but on this project, he found himself actually listening to ours and waiting for the chorus! Great job well done, by engineer, John Zych! Thank you!!! Saved me more mastering fees!!! You Rock!

Kevin K.

Thanks John, its really beautiful- You make stuff that is so awesome that I step into my own song, humbled.

Michelle M.

Three albums so far I have recorded at Earthtone Music Productions. John Zych is a genius and one of the best music engineers in town. Check out this studio I promise you will be satisfied with his creativity.

Damaul F.

Simple. The best in the game. wonderful sound great work

Ethan S.

Magic! Songs sound terrific man. Can't thank you enough for agreeing to master them. Definitely would like to come to you for more work in the future.

Twodoor Coupgang

Great work man John is the reason im the star i am 2day #2doorcoupe #YOUTUBE THATS MY FAV GUY

Henning S.

I can highly recommend recording here! John is a superb engineer! The studio is comfortable in size for recording bands as well. All in all your project is in good hands (ears) here!