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Convenient Remote Recording Services Available Anywhere In Tampa Bay, FL

We produce high quality remote multitrack recording of your gig or event, thanks to our portable recording equipment.

Powerful laptops are used during location recording.

If you are in need of professional recording services, but you can’t come to us, we can now come to you! We can bring our top-notched recording capabilities to you anywhere within the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Recording sessions can be a challenging endeavor, especially for those who lack any experience with doing them. Why not benefit from working in familiar surroundings? We can do location recording for you in the comfort of your own rehearsal space or we can come to your gig or event and get a high quality live multitrack recording.

Location recording has recently grown in popularity, no doubt because recording equipment is more portable than ever before, and EarthTone Music Productions is happy to be able to offer such a convenient service to our clients!

Steps Involved With A Remote Recording Session

Remote recording of a funk band performing live in Tampa Bay, FL.

When it comes to a remote recording session, there are a few steps involved in the process. There may be some variation in some of the details, depending on the type of location recording situation. However, the following steps can generally be expected:

1 - Initial Consultation

Before the location recording can take place, it is a very good idea for a consultation to take place between the recording engineer and the client. Every location has unique qualities, whether it is acoustically, in terms of space, or some other consideration.

A consultation will allow us to determine the best way to proceed and to avoid any potential pitfalls.

2 - Setup of Equipment

Again, our setup will depend on the situation. But, for example, if the remote recording situation involves a session for a band, we'll mic your amps or take a line from each amp.

Also, we will mic the drums and take a direct feed from the vocal mics.

We can provide up to 24 tracks for location recording and we are 100% self-contained with regards to mic stands, cables, and any other equipment needed to handle a session.

3 - The Recording Session

During the remote recording session, there is nothing you need to do except perform the way you normally would! You don’t have to worry about mic placement, if you are too loud or too low...we adapt to everything.

Simply put, our goal is to capture the best recording possible, while making our presence as unnoticeable as possible.

4 - Mixing Down The Recording

After the location recording session is complete, there is the matter of mixing down the recording. Here you are afforded some options!

  • Immediate Rough Mix - If you are looking for a good quality recording to use for demo purposes, then we can provide you with a rough mix at the end of the session.
  • External Mix - If you would like to mix the recording on your own or take it to a third party, we can provide you with the raw audio files.
  • Fine-Tuned Mix - If you would like to spend more time to have us dive deeper into producing a more refined mix, you can schedule a mixing session with us.

Reasons Why You May Need Location Recording

EarthTone Music Productions did remote recording for this technology start-up conference that took place in Tampa Bay, FL.

There are a number of different scenarios that can present reasons for you needing location recording services. A few examples would be:

  • If your band is in need of a good quality demo, having a professional record one of your live gigs is the most efficient way to achieve this.
  • Perhaps you belong to a large ensemble with a rehearsal space that has all the instruments or equipment your need. A church band or choir would be a common example of this scenario.
  • If you have a performance or event video taped, we can line up our audio recording with the video and supply you with a much better audio quality than you would typically get from the mics on the video cameras.

Call Us For Professional Remote Recording With Depth & Clarity

Whether you are a musician, a band or ensemble, or planning to hold an event that will be recorded onto video, our remote recording services will provide the clarity, depth, and professional quality that your audio tracks need.

If you are located within the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area, give us a call at (917) 582 8039 and we will take care of your remote recording needs!